UrbanIQ, for smart urban strategies


UrbanIQ wants to help cities and regions to develop their knowledge society and become smarter. We deliver studies, consultancy services, training, moderation and talks in the field of urban management&innovation. We are specialised in organising "peer-learning" between cities.

Recent projects

  • Smart economic specialisation of cities and regions. UrbanIQ supports to the InFocus project, in which 10 cities collaborate to develop smart specialisation strategies and align them with regional strategies. The project is led by Bilbao, a pioneer in cluster policy. Partner cities are Bielsko Biala, Bordeaux, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Grenoble-Alpes, Ostrava, Plasencia, Porto, and Turin. Visit the project's website to see the partner cities, reports, and studies
  • City and university: UrbanIQ provides support to the EUniverCities network (cities&universities from a number of European cities), on the question how cities and universities can collaborate in a fruitful way. Check this interactive map to see the partner cities, reports, and studies
  • Training for elected politicians from 30 European cities. We organised training seminars in Brussels, on modern urban management theories and tools. The participants are from Urbact partner cities.
  • Creating Silicon Valley in Moscow? We helped the Skolkovo Foundation to reflect on the question how to promote innovation in Skolkovo, Russia's most ambitious science city project.
  • Identifying "soft" location factors that matter for regional competitiveness. For the Dutch Province of North Brabant, we identify which soft location factors matter for developing the knowledge economy, and develop methods how to measure them
  • Facilitating an international exchange network of cities that are developing campuses and other 'knowledge hotspots' (REDIS urbact project)
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