Session on city-university co-operation at European Week of the Cities and Region 2016, Tuesday October 10

Oct 8 2016

How can the City-University Nexus contribute to close the innovation gap? This question is adressed in a session at EWCR 2016, organised by the EC, in collaboration with EUniverCities and the Regional Studies Association.Read more…

Parma: a city of food, or also a knowledge city? 7-10 June, EUniverCities conference

Jun 1 2016

Parma hosts the next meeting of the EUniverCities network, We will discuss how this Italian city, so well known for its hams and cheese, can boost its position (and image) as city of knowledge and science as well. What does it take? How can city, university, companies, citizens and other stakeholders contribute? For the first time, we will use the "backcasting" method to dream of a future and develop concrete actions and recommendations.Read more…

Creating Urban Tech, Berlin

Jun 1 2016

Berlin has become Europe's start up capital, and increasingly attracts established tech companies. During the Creating UrbanTech conference, 30 May, we discussed the latest developments regarding smart cities, what next steps could be made, with high-level representatives from industry, science and government.
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URBACT City Festival in Riga, 6-8 May 2015

May 4 2015

The first ever URBACT City Festival will take place in Riga, Latvia on 6-9 May 2015. A multi format and multi themed event, the Festival will showcase urban knowledge produced by the URBACT II programme and kick start the initial exchanges of URBACT III.Read more…

‘How to make Europe’s University Cities future proof?’

Feb 20 2015

In Delft, city and university organise the final conference of the EUniverCities project.
Several keynote speakers will reflect on future directions for city-university collaboration. Also, Mayor Bas Verkerk will hand over the final project report and a "statement" to Normunds Popens (European Commission - Deputy DG Regional and Urban Policy) and Emmanuel Moulin (Director of URBACT)

Seminar in Varna, Bulgaria: How can universities support the stagnant economy of Varna?, 3-5 June 2014

May 28 2014

In this conference, organised by the URBACT network EUniverCities, we will explore how Varna's academic institutes may help to get the urban economy on its feet. In this interactive meeting, with people from all over Europe, we will analyse the local situation and propose solutions for the local government, academic institutes and other stakeholders.

We will focus on four questions:

• How can the scientific community in Varna help to revitalise the economyRead more…

New book, co-authored by Willem van Winden: Urban innovation systems: what makes them tick?

May 28 2014

Why are some regions and cities so good at attracting talented people, creating high-level knowledge, and producing exciting new ideas and innovations? What are the ingredients of success? Can innovative cities be created and stimulated, or do they just flourish by mere chance? This book analyses the development and management of innovation systems in cities, in order to provide a better understanding of what makes such systems perform.This new book, published at Routlegde London, is based on the research project we did for Skolkovo Science City.Read more…

Conference: Connecting city and university in Lublin, Poland, 25-28 feb 2014

Feb 10 2014

The City of Lublin has 75,000 students on a population of 350,000. It actually lives “of” the students and “for” the students.

As part of the EUniverCities project, the city hosts a "peer review" meeting. The reviewers from partner cities will help Lublin and its universities to address the following challenges:

- How to create better public spaces for students?
- How to develop human capital and keep talents in Lublin? (a lot of students leave the city after graduation)
- How to build a communication platform between the city and the universities?Read more…

EUniverCities meeting in Aveiro, Portugal, 19-22 November 2013

Oct 28 2013

The City of Aveiro and the University of Aveiro will be hosting the next EUniverCities Network and URBACT Project meeting from 19-22 November 2013. The main question that will be addressed during this European conference is the co-operation between the city and university to promote Social development and Entrepreneurship. How to make the university a part of the city? And how can we better promote entrepreneurship? These and other questions will be addressed during the event.

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