Conference: Connecting city and university in Lublin, Poland, 25-28 feb 2014

Feb 10 2014

The City of Lublin has 75,000 students on a population of 350,000. It actually lives “of” the students and “for” the students.

As part of the EUniverCities project, the city hosts a "peer review" meeting. The reviewers from partner cities will help Lublin and its universities to address the following challenges:

- How to create better public spaces for students?
- How to develop human capital and keep talents in Lublin? (a lot of students leave the city after graduation)
- How to build a communication platform between the city and the universities?

Here is the programme, and a pdf with a description of Lublin's challenges concerning city-university collaboration.

Baseline Study Chapter Lublin-1.pdf536.81 KB
PeerReview Lublin 2014 FINAL Agenda.pdf1.28 MB