Seminar in Varna, Bulgaria: How can universities support the stagnant economy of Varna?, 3-5 June 2014

May 28 2014

In this conference, organised by the URBACT network EUniverCities, we will explore how Varna's academic institutes may help to get the urban economy on its feet. In this interactive meeting, with people from all over Europe, we will analyse the local situation and propose solutions for the local government, academic institutes and other stakeholders.

We will focus on four questions:

• How can the scientific community in Varna help to revitalise the economy
• How can young people & students in Varna be empowered to start businesses
• How to address the mismatch between higher education and labour market
• How to establish a working relation between universities and companies/city government/institutions

Here is the meeting programme:

Final Programme_v2_Varna June 3-5th 2014 Eng (3).pdf1.23 MB