CONFERENCE ON CITY AND UNIVERSITY in Zaragoza, Spain, November 12th, 2013

Oct 28 2013

Zaragoza will host a conference on new alliances for the development of the Knowledge Society. It is an open talk between urban and university managers on the new economy, smart cities and talent attraction.

City and university teaming up to make the City of Linkoping more attractive - a peer review meeting

Sep 9 2013

From 9-12 September 2013, the EUniverCities network gathers in Linkoping, Sweden, to discuss how the city can improve its attractiveness for young professionals. We will learn about the cities' most recent innovative projects and policies in this respect, and formulate recommendations based on our observations and interviews. Check the programme for more details.

New report on regional "innovation ecosystems" in Sweden, China and The Netherlands

Mar 8 2013

How do "regional innovation ecosystems" work? What makes them tick, in different circumstances? These were key questions for the Skolkovo Foundation, that is developing a new science&innovation city near Moscow, Russia. In co-operation with Euricur/Erasmus University, we analysed three remarkably successful innovation ecosystems: Stockholm (Sweden), Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Suzhou (China), and derived some key lessons.Read more…

UrbanIQ to deliver three Urban Management Training Seminars for elected officials from European cities

Feb 25 2013

UrbanIQ has been selected to organise a series of three training seminars for elected officials from a number of European cities. It is a pilot project, initiated by the European Commission and the URBACT programme.

At the training, participants gain:

1) a better knowledge of European urban policy
2) a better understanding of the concepts, challenges and governance issues related to integrated and sustainable urban developmentRead more…

Training for elected representatives

Sep 17 2012

UrbanIQ has won a tender to deliver three training seminars about integrated urban management, for elected representatives of cities that are involved in an urbact-project. The scheme will help them to obtain new insights and develop new skills in the field of integrated urban management. It offers the opportunity to share experiences with peers from other cities, with key experts, and European officials. The training scheme consists of three interesting and interactive seminars, organised in Brussels, over the year 2013.

EUniverCities website active

Sep 15 2012

EUniverCities is a network of universities and cities that want to learn from each other how to improve the co-operation between city and university. Eleven cities are united in an Urbact Project. Go to the new project website to learn more.

UrbanIQ lead expert in EUnivercities-network on city-university cooperation

May 22 2012

UrbanIQ will act as lead expert in the EUniversities network. In this network, European cities want to learn from each other how to frame "next generation" co-operations between city and university. Five cities enter the development stage: Delft (lead partners), Aachen, Aalborg, Lublin, and Varna. In the coming months, the network will be expanded to a maximum of 12 cities.
UrbanIQ will write a baseline study (each city will be visited), help the cities to frame their co-operation and create local stakeholder groups, and moderate the meetings.Read more…

23 March: Forum 2012: Governance & Management of Cities in the light of the EU 2020 strategy

Mar 15 2012

This forum will be held in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Delegates from Spanish and Portguese cities will discuss how to stimulate smart growth in cities. Willem van Winden will deliver a keynote speech on this theme, highlighting many examples from all over Europe.
This is the site of the organisers (in Spanish):

New book out: Creating knowledge locations in cities: innovation & integration challenges

Mar 4 2012

Our new book -published with Routlegde, London- is out now! It deals with the question how cities can successfully develop "knowledge locations" (science parks, knowledge quarters etc.), to promote innovation and make the city more attractive. Many cities invest in such areas, but there are very few comparative studies on this topic.

The book provides an overview of earlier studies, a frame of reference, and offers five in-depth case studies:

*Eindhoven: Strijp S, a design quarter in a former Philips area
*Dublin: The digital Hub, a hotspot for new media companiesRead more…

Start of EUniverCities-network in Ghent

Jan 28 2012

On Friday 27 January, we celebrated the official start of the EUniverCities-network, in the beautiful city of Ghent. The basic rationale of the network is to learn from each other how city government and university can co-operate in a fruitful way, to the benefit of both. EUniversities is not just another city network: its unique feature is that both cities and universities are member. So far, city-university tandems from the following cities have joined the network: Aachen, Aalborg, Ghent, Delft, Lausanne, Lviv, Trondheim, Tampere, and Varna.Read more…