International Conference 12-14 April 2011, Magdeburg: Science and the City, New challenges

Jan 15 2011

The City of Magdeburg hosts a conference entitled 'Science and the City: New Challenges'. It is the final conference of the REDIS project, in which eight European cities exchanged experiences about how to (re) develop urban areas into science quarters, and how to frame the relationship between city and university.
During the conference, Urban IQ will present a handbook for developing urban hotspots for the knowledge economy, based on the lessons learnt in the last two years.

Conference on Assistive Technologies in San Sebastian, 28 January 2011

Jan 15 2011

The City of San Sebastian intend to become a hotspot for assistive technologies, i.e. all sorts of medical devices and equipment that make life easier for elderly or disabled people. UrbanIQ will deliver a presentation about the most recent insights on cluster development and policy, and how these insights can be applied to the ambitions of San Sebastian to develop this cluster.

25 January 2011: International Symposium on „Production - People - Region“ in Dortmund, Germany

Dec 29 2010

This conference adresses the new role of manufacturing industries in the economy of cities. Willem van Winden will deliver a keynote speech.

24-25 November: Conference on Knowledge Hubs in Dublin, Ireland

Oct 24 2010

The key to developing a ‘smart economy’ requires a rethink of how cities are planned, managed and designed. The use of planning tools to promote ‘knowledge locations’ are important drivers of economic growth within cities. Such locations provide the appropriate environment for the incubation and growth of smart and creative business. This conference will examine a number of such locations across Europe and Asia. UrbanIQ will provide key input to this conference.

More information will follow soon.

Urbact Annual Conference 2010

Oct 24 2010

The URBACT Annual Conference will take place in Liege in Belgium, from Tuesday 30 November noon to Wednesday 1 December noon in Liege Conference Centre. The event will bring together URBACT partners and urban actors coming from all over Europe. Interactivity will be the keyword: each participant will have the opportunity to coproduce the conference outputs.Read more…

New book: Manufacturing in the new urban knowledge economy

Aug 11 2010

Willem van Winden, head of UrbanIQ, is the lead author of a new book on the changing role of manufacturing industries in cities. It appears in the prestigious Routlegde series on urban and regional development.

This is what the book is about:Read more…

Summer school on developing 'hotspots' for the knowledge economy

Aug 11 2010

UrbanIQ organises a summer school in Aarhus (Denmark), on 16 and 17 September, as part of the REDIS project. The summer school focuses on new trends and insights regarding the development of science parks, knowledge hubs and other ‘hotspots’ for the knowledge economy. It is planned as a 2-day session for selected employees of municipalities and related organisations who are involved in the development of knowledge hotspots. The Summer School offers lessons from university teachers and professionals, presentations of new studies and best practices, and new methodologies of urban planning.Read more…

Aachen's new campus model

Jul 4 2010

This week I organized a study trip to the German city of Aachen, to learn more about the ambitious new plans for a new campus. I am impressed by the innovative concept.
For more info, check the blog on this site (4 July).

Campus Image

New: illustrated book on urban knowledge hotspots

Jun 22 2010

With RDH Architects, UrbanIQ produced an illustrated booklet about knowledge hotspots and how to develop them. It contains a checklist, as well as case studies on Dublin, Helsinki, Eindhoven, and Magdeburg.You can download it at the publications section of the website.

Suwon is the smartest city on earth

Jun 9 2010

City government can make a difference

The world’s smartest city is in Korea: Suwon. The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) named this city as the Intelligent Community of the Year for 2010.
Suwon convinced the jury that much can be achieved when the government sets ambitious goals and acts accordingly.

The city has built an economy based on small-to-midsize enterprises specializing in its three target industries IT, biotech and nanotechnology. Two-thirds of Suwon companies specialize in one of its targeted industries.Read more…