Publications & Presentations

Smaller university cities: Lost in globalisation or hidden gems?

In the international race to attract talent, big and attractive cities seem te be reaping the greatest rewards. But what is the future for smaller university cities? This short paper explores some trends and innovative responses.

Speech on Science parks, campuses and other knowledge locations

Here is a speech by Willem van Winden about science parks, campuses and other knowledge locations. Trends, developments, concepts and management challenges. It was recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland, where a new science park is being planned.

City & University: a symphony for progress

How can university and city administration co-create the city? Where do their interests meet and diverge, and what is needed to exploit synergies? This report explores the potential for co-creation in five domains: urban economic development, internationalisation, urban attractiveness & city branding, science & society, and student life. We provide numerous examples from the 10 medium-sized European cities that participated in the EUniverCities project (URBACT). But aso we discuss pitfalls and dilemmas.Read more…

Promoting New Urban Economies

How can European cities develop their economy? What new and innovative approaches do we see? And what are the pitfalls? These and other questions are addressed in this new publication, a special edition about “New urban economies”.Read more…

Managing synergies in knowledge hotspots

Science parks, high tech campuses, and all sorts of "valleys": they are developed everywhere. Their developers claim to create "innovation synergies" that speed up innovation in such places. But do they, and how? In this paper, we discuss how and to what extent innovation synergies can be managed.Read more…