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Delivering sustainable urban solutions: A new chapter of corporate involvement in urban management

Cities all over the world dedicate efforts to become more “sustainable”. New solutions are being developed and implemented to achieve these ambitions. Typically, these solutions are shaped in a complex interplay between companies that develop and sell the technologies, city administrations, citizens, universities/knowledge institutes, and other urban stakeholders. This paper explores the relation between corporations, city administrations, and other urban stakeholders.Read more…

Stadtplanung für Innovationen? Trends und Dilemmata (in German)

Fostering innovative business has become the holy grail for economic policymakers and planners in cities. But how to do it? A number of difficult questions arise, such as: What (hard and soft) location factors matter for innovative firms, and in which type of environments do they thrive? How to promote entrepreneurial activity at universities, how can scientific research at economic institutions be translated into commercially viable products or services? What barriers are hampering innovative entrepreneurship and growth, and how to address them?Read more…

Connecting city & University. Some recommendations for Linkoping

In Linkoping (Sweden), city & university are two worlds apart. Or not? Here you find a ppt with a "critical friend's" perspective on Linkoping's knowledge economy, by members of the EUniverCities network #urbact # EUniverCities

City-University collaboration in Linkoping: an overview

This chapter describes how city&university in the Swedish city of Linkoping team up to make the city more attractive.

Science & the city economy. An analysis of Magdeburg, Germany

How and to what extent can universities and research institutes contribute to a structural improvement of the urban/regional economy? This is a question for many cities in Europe.

This report discusses the dilemma's, challenges and policy responses in Magdeburg, a mid-sized city in Germany without big economic powerhouses or a strong high-tech industry. The conclusions may hold for many similar cities.