Publications & Presentations

The Innovation Performance of Regions: Concepts and Cases

The Skolkovo Foundation (Russia) is developing a new science&innovation city near Moscow.Read more…

Report: City-University co-operation to the next level

City and university are “co-producers” of the urban knowledge economy. The future of any university city depends to an increasing extent on the fruitful and sustainable co-operation between the two sides, in a number of fields. In this study, we have analyzed trends, practices and opportunities for collaboration, but also sketched recurrent tensions, dilemmas and problems in the relationship.

It consists of three parts: a state-of-the-art report, a set of partner profiles, and a synthesis.Read more…

Cluster management for cities: What, why and how? Theory, best practice and self-assessment

This document is used by UrbanIQ to coach cluster managers. It helps them to take a step back from their hectic daily work and reflect on their own cluster management practice. It provides a framework to think about “how to manage a cluster”, based on state-of-the art literature, international good practices and the authors´ own experience. It doesn’t provide a magic formula or ready-to-use recipe – but it is intended to support cluster managers in finding their own ways of learning and doing things. It should motivate a whole process of reflection and (self) discovery towards improvement.

Managing areas for innovation

Here is a presentation presented at the Regional Studies Association conference in Delft, 15 May 2012. It is about the management of knowledge hotspots such as campuses, science quarters and creative quarters.

Skolkovo innovation city? Analysing innovation ecosystems

This prezi gies a brief overview of our approach in the comparative study on innovation ecosystems.
We presented in in Moscow in March.