Publications & Presentations

Creative hotspots in Cities

Check this prezi about creative urban hotspots.
It was presented during a conference in Porto on creative entrepreneurship, organized by the Serralves Foundation, 14 February 2012

Creating Knowledge Locations in Cities: Innovation and Integration Challenges

Our new book -published with Routlegde, London- is out now! It deals with the question how cities can successfully develop "knowledge locations" (science parks, knowledge quarters etc.), to promote innovation and make the city more attractive. Many cities invest in such areas, but there are very few comparative studies on this topic.
The book provides an overview of earlier studies, a frame of reference, and offers five in-depth case studies:

*Eindhoven: Strijp S, a design quarter in a former Philips area
*Dublin: The digital Hub, a hotspot for new media companiesRead more…

Small and medium-sized cities in the knowledge economy: a development model

At a meeting in Lorient, France, UrbanIQ made a presentation on knowledge-based development. In the next stage of the project, the model will be applied to the partner cities: Aviles, Brest, Cardiff, Coimbra, Donegal, Dos Hermanas, Gijon, Lorient, San Sebastian, Sevilla, Vannes.

What role for manufacturing industries in the urban knowledge economy?

The share of manufacturing in many cities has declined dramatically. A growing number of policymakers (including US president Obama) are deeply worried about this, and design policies to revitalise these industries. But is de-industrialisation a problem? And how does manufacturing fit in the new ‘knowledge economy’? This article discusses the new role of manufacturing industries in various types of cities. It is based on a comparative urban study in 10 cities in Europe, Asia and Latin America.