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Urban Hotspot 2.0: Integrating knowledge locations in the urban fabric

Cities all over Europe are developing ‘knowledge hotspots’: science parks, technology parks, creative districts, design quarters etc. Well-known examples are the Cambridge Science Park,Barcelona’s @22 district, or Helsinki’s Arabianranta area. Increasingly, such hotspots are being developed inside the city rather than at sub-urban Greenfield sites. This makes their development highly complex.A key challenge for cities is to deal with the many conflicting interests, and to integrate knowledge hubs in the city.How do European cities deal with these challenges?Read more…

Planned knowledge locations in Europe and Asia

UrbanIQ has contributed to a new comparative Euricur study on knowledge locations. Urban and regional policymakers all over the world have the ambition to promote their knowledge economy. It is generally recognized that knowledge has become the prime source of economic growth and development. This report studies one increasingly popular type of urban knowledge policy: the creation of ‘knowledge locations’ like science parks, technology parks, open innovation campuses, creative districts, media hubs etc.

The report contains the following case studies:Read more…

A technology park for Bialystok, Poland

Białystok, with a population of almost 300,000 is a city located in northeastern Poland. It is the administrative, economic, and academic centre of the Podlaskie region. The city has concrete plans to develop a science park, in order to promote the local knowledge economy and create an environment for knowledge based firms. Funding for the park has been arranged, the location has been selected (south of the city centre), and infrastructures are being constructed. Preliminary ideas have been developed on the content focus on the science park.Read more…

New campus in Aachen

This short report gives an overview of Aachen's ambitious and quite innovative campus development. It is based on a study trip and discussions with people 'on the ground'.

A creative future for Halle, Germany

Last month, we were in Halle -a beautiful central German town- to advice the city on the development of its creative industry. The city intends to redevelop a central district into a 'creative quarter'. During a three-day implementation lab, we learned more about the local peculiarities and developed a set of ideas and recommendations.
Below you'll find the presentation.