Publications & Presentations

Urban governance in the knowledge-based economy: Challenges for different city types

This paper discusses the governance of cities in the knowledge economy, and defines some key policy challenges for various city types and for national governments.

Cities in the knowledge economy: a typology

This paper discusses the shift towards a knowledge-based economy in different types of European city, and derives policy conclusions for local and national governments. An integrative frame of analysis is developed and applied to a number of cities in north-west Europe. The paper reveals large differences in the ability of cities to benefit from the shift towards a knowledge economy and describes and comments on current policy responses.

Community participation in economic development projects: the case of Newcastle’s ‘Science Central’

This paper focuses on community involvement in the planning of knowledge-based urban projects, using the Science Central plan of Newcastle (UK) as an illustration.

Creating liveliness and diversity in science locations? Trends and examples

This paper discusses the growing importance of liveliness and diversity for science locations in cities. We discuss the new demands on working locations, and the consequences for science parks and other ‘knowledge areas’, and illustrate this by a number of examples from European cities.

Knowledge cities in crisis

How does the economic crisis affect the development of cities towards ‘knowledge cities’? This paper discusses the impact of the crisis on the knowledge economy in general, and the development of new ‘science districts’ in particular.