Campus and the City

Dec 29 2010

By chance I discovered this book. It is a collection of essays on campuses in cities, written by architects and urban planners. The book is very insightful; it contains a large number of case studies of old and new campus areas in Europe and beyond, it is well illustrated, and some of the essays are excellent.
Three types of campuses are discussed: greenfield university campuses, technology parks, and corporate campuses.Read more…

Nature: Special issue on Science Cities

Oct 25 2010

This week, Nature has a special issue about science cities. Which cities are the best for science? Where is science produced, and which cities publish the most influential science? The special issue is very informative and offers not only high quality articles but also interactive maps showing the scores of many cities in the world. As expected, large cities in the West and Japan dominate the ranks, with some smaller outliers like Boston. Asian cities are rapidly catching up.Read more…

Smart campus in Aachen, Germany

Jul 4 2010

This week I organized a study trip to the German city of Aachen, to learn more about the ambitious new plans for a new campus. I am impressed by the innovative concept.

Aachen has a large technical university, one of the largest in Germany: The RWTH (Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule). It has the full range of technology and science disciplines, and is oriented towards applied research. Some years ago, it received the ‘excellenz’ status, putting it in the top league of German academia.Read more…

Creating radical innovations: Design-driven innovation

May 23 2010

Roberto Verganti is a well-known student of innovation management. His new book, ‘design driven innovation’, analyses the success of companies that introduce radical innovations in the market. Not technological innovations, but innovations of meanings. An example is the introduction of the Wii by Nintendo. Gaming with the Wii is a far cry from conventional gaming with a console: it is about social interaction and physical activity in the living room. It has completely changed the meaning of games, and in a few years, Wii conquered the market.Read more…

New Yorkers may use iPhone to complain about the city

Mar 1 2010

New York City residents who have an Apple iPhone can now download an app that lets them attach a photo to a complaint and upload it to the city’s 311Online ser- vice. With the aid of GPS technology, a user can file a complaint about a bro- ken streetlight or a dirty vacant lot, for example, and have its location automati- cally uploaded, along with photo and message. The service will soon expand to include other mobile platforms, such as the BlackBerry smartphone.
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