The next big thing in ICTs for cities: Augmented reality

Oct 10 2009

Augmented reality is the next big thing in ICT, and it's going to have a deep impact on cities and urban experiences. In brief, augmented reality means that an extra layer is put on reality. It works like this: you direct the camera of your mobile phone to a building; on your phone screen you see not only the building but also extra information, such as the price of that building, or its building date,, or wheher there's a party going on inside. Now, the mobile phone is the key device, but in the future, you may even see augmented reality through your lenzes.Read more…

Aarhus: from spontaneous to planned cluster development?

Oct 4 2009

Over the last decade, a rather ordinary business area in Aarhus (Denmarks booming second city) has gradually transformed into a world-class knowledge cluster, focused on ICT technology. The area is located near the city's university campus, and over the years, a number of institutes have set up shop in the area becasue it's cheap and close to the campus. The area was re-baptized as "IT city of Katrinebjerg" but it's still not only ICT there: world-class ICT institutes sit next to a sausage factory, a shopping mall and a home for mentally ill people.Read more…