What we do

UrbanIQ offers the following services:

  • Developing Urban knowledge strategies

    We can offer help in the design of an integrated knowledge-based urban strategy, but also on more specific topics like cluster development, strategic co-operations between city and university, the creation of knowledge hotspots (such as creative districts or science parks), disadvantaged neighborhood development, or transformation of urban spaces.

    International benchmarking and city intervision

    Where does your city stand compared to other European cities? We offer all sorts of analysis and advice, on a range of topics related to (economic) development in your city or region. Our key strength is our international experience and network: this helps us to offer you access to international best practice and put local or regional strategies in an international perspective. We offer a variety of options, ranging from Quick Audits to comparative studies and benchmarking exercises.

  • Content-driven process management

    Urban development is a multi-actor process. The complex challenge is to develop a shared vision and implement it consistently across a variety of organisations. We can help you bring stakeholders together, develop a shared vision and translate it into action. We have several tools for this.

  • Field visits/inspiration trips

    In close co-operation with the client, Urban IQ can organize study visits to best practice cities in Europe. We can also help you to ‘translate’ the lessons to your local situation. Our selling point is our large network of contacts and experts in cities across Europe and beyond.

  • Dedicated training programmes

    Urban IQ can get your staff up-to-date with the latest insights on urban development strategies. Also, we may provide specific content training for a group of stakeholders in a particular project or programme in your city. This can be combined with a strategy-building process. Urban IQ makes use of its large network of excellent experts and specialists.

  • Your partner in European projects

    UrbanIQ can be your partner if you need external expertise for EU-sponsored programmes: we have significant experience in that.

    'Urban Implementation Labs'

    The urban implementation lab has proved to be a perfect tool to give a boost to urban development projects, and to generate fresh ideas and insights. Urban IQ will bring a group of international experts and practitioners to your city; During three days, they will mix up with local stakeholders, make an assessment of the project, and produce practical recommendations. The method uses the combined brainpower of local stakeholders and outsiders, and creates momentum for change. Urban IQ has applied this method successfully in a variety of European cities, including Newcastle (UK), Magdeburg (Germany), Aarhus (Denmark), Manresa (Spain) and Piraeus/Athens (Greece).